Jamie Lawrence

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I'm a software developer with more than 15 years of experience; ranging from financial data services to agent-based systems, commercial and research, at everything from startups to the largest companies in the world, and working in-office to remote.


I've been blogging since… well, since blogging was a thing. These days I blog less frequently but I think the posts are more useful and considered. They generally tread the line between business, technical, and personal.


My first digital camera in 2001 kickstarted an interest in photography.
Landscapes are my first love but I don't get much opportunity to explore them. These days I tend towards documenting family life as my kids grow up


I've wasted far too many hours on Twitter since 2007 — but I've also had amazing conversation, got jobs, and made great friends on there.

Come for my pithiest tweets, stay for the cat pictures

If we meet in real life 👋

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I swim as my primary exercise but also as a sort of active meditation. I get really frustrated if I haven't swum for a week and ideally it'll be 3-4 times/week. I'm mostly a pool-baby though I'd like to do more open water swimming


A dog-person all my life, I've recently learnt to live with cats. They're actually quite nice when they're not standing on your chest in the morning, purring and plotting your death


I feed and look after hedgehogs that visit the garden. We had up to 10 in 2016 but, unfortunately, we haven't seen one in 2018 since the trees around the property were cut down


Always surprising me and by far my best creation even if they're still "in-progress"

Tropical fish

I've been kidnapping, jailing, and learning how not to accidentally execute tropical fish for the past few years. I have a larger community aquarium of Platys and Corydoras, and a small office tank of Ember tetras

Tabletop Games

I didn't grow up with board games—in fact, I grew up hating Scrabble and Monopoly—but I've recently discovered them as my kids have grown up.
Favourites include Castle Panic, Pandemic, Star Realms, and Tiny Epic Defenders


These days I'm mostly

Keeping warm 🥶
Working at Podia on a lot of infrastructure and PayPal stuff
Looking after a neck/shoulder injury so not swimming much 😥
Building a better PagerDuty as a side-project
Playing Star Realms